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  Moving company status and role of transport: 1) guarantees for the development of the national economy. Moved company transport is promote social and economy development of power, economy the sector internal of space and time contact, must rely on transport of function to achieved, economy more developed, social production on transport of dependence on more big, transport in economy in the of role also on more important; transport is economy of artery, is production, and distribution, and Exchange, and consumption the link and communication urban and rural, and regions and the sector of ties, on development market, guarantee market supply, meet production construction up with important of role Transport is the vanguard of the national economy, partly by expanding spatial scale and speed of the displacement to stimulate circulation, on the other hand, the transport sector is expanding in scale and stimulate the development of other sectors. Moving company railway, the massive building and expanding ports, roads, airports, contributed to the boom in the construction industry; transport huge energy consumption, coal and oil industries to expand transport machinery and demand for iron and steel, increased industrial development of mining, metallurgy and steel; the mass production of transport equipment, transport equipment, which greatly promoted the development of machinery processing industry. Because all aspects of transportation in the unlimited demand, vigorously stimulate the development of other sectors of the national economy, forming a virtuous circle among the various sectors of the national economy.   BACK
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